Passion for authentic Belgian beers.

As Belgian family brewers of craft beers, we build lasting relationships with consumers looking for the unique taste and brand experience of Authentic Beers, brewed with passion at historic breweries each specialised in one of the four traditional fermentation methods.

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PALM Spéciale Belge Ale

  • ABV: 5.2%
  • Top fermented Belgian amber
  • 4 x 6 x 330ml bottle
  • 20 Litre One-Way Keg

PALM is a smooth-drinking, amber-coloured, top-fermentation beer designed to bridge the gap between the world of lagers and ales.

Special PALM malts are responsible for its honey-like mellowness. PALM’s own selected yeasts give it a fruity yeast aroma, while aroma hops from Kent provide a subtle harmony.


PALM amber-coloured malts

Unique amber-coloured malts determine the basic flavour of PALM: mild caramel flavours with a honey-like mellowness. The malting process adheres to PALM’s specific instructions, which aim for the natural caramelisation that gives the beer its specific flavour.

PALM yeast

The aroma is determined to a significant extent by yeast. Through intensive selection, the Van Roy family has amassed a lavish collection of the various yeast strains, each of which gives the beer its own fruity character. PALM is fermented with a specific yeast strain which provides a distinct banana fruitiness.


  • 2015 – Brussels Beer Challenge – Silver


premium Belgian pils

  • ABV: 5.2%
  • 4 x 6 x 330ml bottle
  • 20 Litre One-Way Keg

ESTAMINET  the name of PALM Breweries’ best “premium pils”.

ESTAMINET owes its premium quality to the selection of the best natural ingredients: soft water, 100% high-quality summer barley, a distinctive yeast and very precious Saaz hops. High density, slow and traditional bottom fermentation to provide a fruity character and maturation for 6 full weeks make ESTAMINET a true Belgian premium pils.


  • 2011- Gold – Brewing Industry International Award
  • 2013- Gold – Brussels Beer Challenge
  • 2014- Silver – World Beer Awards
  • 2015 – Europe’s Best Pilsner – World Beer Awards
  • 2015 – The Certificate of Excellence 2015 – Brussels Beer Challenge
  • 2016 – Europe’s Best Pilsner – World Beer Awards

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