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Product description

Framboise Boon lets you enjoy the pure, real taste of freshly picked raspberries. It is a heavenly combination of old and young Lambic, 300 grams of fresh raspberries and 50 grams of cherries per litre.

Framboise is a spontaneously fermented beer made from old and young Lambic that matured in oak barrels. The secret of its high quality and authentic taste lies in the use of real fresh raspberries without any concentrates.

In addition to 300g of raspberries, some 50 grams of cherries per litre is added to make the beer milder in flavour.

This beer is completely natural: no sweeteners are added and the beer is not pasteurised.


The year on the bottle’s neck label is the year the raspberries were harvested.


Framboise Boon gives you a refreshing, mild and full-bodied taste of fresh raspberries, as if you were to put them onto your tongue straight from the bush. The beer is very fruity: you can genuinely taste real raspberries and beer rather than the flavour of raspberry sweets. It is the perfect thirst-quencher in the summer sun.

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Flavour Profile
Fresh raspberry lambic
Lembeek, Belgium

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