Cavalier Smoked Pineapple ‘n Cherry Sour

Cavalier Brewing




Product description

The beer that started with a craving for Nanna’s glazed Christmas ham, topped with caramelised pineapple rings and maraschino cherries… yeah you know the one.
Introducing the Cavalier Smoked Pineapple & Cherry Sour – the second small batch limited release for 2020. This funky little number is set to knock your socks off and slip the thongs on!
Heaps of punchy sour pineapple goodness, with a hint of sweet cherry rounds out beautifully thanks to the imported smoked hickory & cherrywood American malts – creating a super smashy, well balanced, refreshing and delightfully smokey sour ale!
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Limited Release
Flavour Profile
Sour pineapple, hint of sweet cherry and a dulcet smokey undertone
Melbourne, Australia

Just making sure you are not a baby...