Cornet Oaked Belgian Blond Ale





Product description

CORNET is a robust Belgian blond beer that is flavoured by adding oak chips during the brewing process. This produces it’s uniquely smooth mouthfeel that rivals that of an oak-matured wine.

The liquid has a golden-blonde colour in the glass and is covered by a sturdy white collar of froth that stays beautifully upright.

The flavour is round with a warm finish, mild bitter undertones balanced with fruitiness from the yeast and vanilla sweetness from the wood.

Top-fermented beer that re-ferments in the bottle.

To experience the full aroma and flavour of your CORENT, pour into a Cornet Glass


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Flavour Profile
Mildly bitter undertones, fruitiness from the yeast balanced by mild vanilla sweetness from the wood
Steenhuffel, Belgium

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