De Molen Different & Unusual

Brouwerij de Molen



Product description

Different & Unusual is an ‘Imperial Stout-ish’ featuring 6 different malts plus flaked oats, Amarene cherries and finished over cedar wood post fermentation.

Pouring a deep onyx colour, with a stunning dark brown foam that settles to become off white and stable.  The aroma is all about the malts and a hint of smokiness.

The burnt roast flavour turns dark chocolate, while the malt body ads sweetness; still with a hint of smokiness from the cedar wood. You’ll get a subtle cherry flavour from the amarene cherries.

Limited quantity

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Flavour Profile
burnt roast come dark chocolate, sweetness from the malt and a hint of smokiness
Bodegraven, the Netherlands

Just making sure you are not a baby...