de Molen Zwart & Zwaar

Brouwerij de Molen



Product description

“Zwart & Zwaar” (Black & Heavy)

An unusual American-style imperial stout brewed with an extract of Dutch chipolata pudding.

In the Netherlands, chipolata is a dessert pudding flavoured with Maraschino liqueur and studded with raisins, glacé or fresh fruits, and nuts. With extracts of chipolata added this stout received well appreciable shades of marzipan and dried fruits. The natural malt sweetness is balanced by mild hop bitterness at the level of 48 IBU, derived from the hopping of Apollo and Zhatetsky varieties.

This is an extra strong beer at 12.8%.

Sold as single 330ml bottles.

Limited quantity available.

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Flavour Profile
chipolata pudding, maraschino liqueur, roasted chocolate
Bodegraven, the Netherlands

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