La Trappe Puur

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Product description

La Trappe Puur is brewed using green energy and is certified SKAL, the body for organic production in the Netherlands.

Colour: Light-blonde and unfiltered Trappist ale with a sturdy collar.

Aroma: Refreshing and fruity aromas of the yeast, combined with the flowery scent of citrus caused by the hops.

Flavour: Only organic ingredients were used when brewing this SKAL-certified ale. The result is an accessible, refreshing and smooth Trappist ale with a pleasant bitterness and a mild, dry finish.

Aftertaste: Pleasantly bitter, mild and dry.

Features: Organic, top-fermented and accessible Trappist ale

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330ml Bottle
Flavour Profile
Refreshing, pleasant bitterness and a mild, dry finish
Berkel-Enschot, Netherlands

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