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The Tetley’s name has been synonymous with the brewing of high quality ‘Yorkshire Bitter’ (using the famous Yorkshire Square fermenting vessels) and other beers for almost 200 years.

Our relationship with Carlsberg a/s dates back to 1998 when we first imported the Tetley’s English ale brand along with the famous Danish beer Tuborg Gold

Tetley’s Cask is an amber cask ale, which has roasted caramel bitter sweetness balanced with distinctly aromatic smooth hoppy flavours and a lingering dry bitter finish. Tetley’s was established in 1822, by an ambitious young man called Joshua Tetley.

With his experience in the family malting business and the belief in its motto ‘Quality Pays’, Joshua Tetley took advantage of the lack of successful breweries in the North of England, compared to the number of good ones in London.

After nearly two centuries of perfecting the brewing process, the name Tetley’s is synonymous with a smooth, tasty pint created from a perfect combination of traditional and modern brewing techniques. Tetley’s range of quality ales is brewed using only the finest quality ingredients to the highest standards to ensure the perfect pint every time

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