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What started 300 years ago in a farm on the Kerkdijk in Lieshout (Province of Brabant), grew into our international family business.  Brewery Bavaria is one of the oldest breweries in the Netherlands.

Bavaria’s beers are of a special blend. A blend that consists of a strong focus on quality, the desire to innovate and the firm conviction that pilsner can bring people together. It is this unique blend that makes Bavaria the brand it is today.

Premium Pilsener

A clear pilsner that is easy to drink, with a pleasant, slightly bitter aftertaste. Bavaria Premium is a clear light-coloured pilsner, brewed with barley malt, natural mineral water and hop. Refreshing, fruity and slightly hop-like, with a full flavour and beautifully balanced. An accessible pure pilsner, brewed with the best ingredients and natural mineral water from Bavaria’s own spring.


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