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Product description

From Frank Boon Master Brewer:  “Traditional geuze requires maturing in casks made of oak.  The oak casks used at our brewery each have their own history and are characterised by unique microflora of wild yeast strains.  Our bottles of Traditional Oude Geuze with cask numbers combine beer from one specific wooden cask (mono brew) with a very small quantity of young Lambic (blend) that will kick off the bottle conditioning process.”

In this box you get

Vat 91:  Previously used as a calvados cask in Normandy

Vat 92:  Oak cask, previously used for red wine from the Rhone Valley in France

Vat 108: Dating from 1935, came to Boon from a different brewery, whose beers contained some volatile acidity.

Vat 110:  This foeder used to serve as a cognac cask, and has been used as a Lambic cask by Boon since 2009.

You also get a tasting book.

Each box contains 4 x 375ml bottles.

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Flavour Profile
wine-like, whiskey-like, bone-dry or very tender
Lembeek, Belgium

Just making sure you are not a baby...