Sghr × COEDO Beer Glass “nido ニド for 漆黒-Shikkoku-“




Product description

Japanese crafted and designed to give the best sensory experience for both the tasting professional and the craft beer enthusiast alike.

COEDO Brewery and glass maker, Sghr Sugahara combined their talents to produce painstakingly detailed beer glasses that are memorable beyond their use.

Each glass is designed to reflect the unique attributes of each of the six COEDO beers.

“Nido” has been designed to showcase COEDO Shikkoku, a deep onyx coloured black lager. Shikkoku fills the glass with a lovely tea coloured head. The size of the glass has been intentionally reduced so that you can enjoy it twice with a single bottle instead of pouring it all at once.

This glass is an  are a wonderful gift for anyone and come in a gift box.


About Sghr Sugahara:

Every one of our products has been made by hand. The Sugahara craftsmanship brings out the warmth.

“Glass is alive.” “Conversing with glass.”
——Whatever could these expressions mean?
But for the glass craftsmen of Sugahara, they are quite natural.

Since its founding in 1932, “Sghr Sugahara” has been particular about hand-made glass manufacturing, and the craftsmen who are familiar with the characteristics of glass themselves are developers and designers who are passionate about glass manufacturing every day.


Price is for 1 x glass with luxury gift box

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Kawagoe, Saitama, Japan

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