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I can’t hide the fact I’m a little impressed.

I’m always wowed by a magnum.

Aren’t we all a little bit impressed when we stumble on the magnum section in the bottle shop?

A coy ‘woe’, or perhaps you’re more of the out loud ‘now we’re talking!’ type.  

No? can’t relate?  

Then 1.5 litres of 10% ABV beer is sure to knock your socks off one way or another.

If you haven’t already seen the magnificence of the La Trappe 1.5L Quadrupel Magnum on the shelves of your indie bottle shop, then I’m here to introduce you to this beast of a bottle.

Gift it, drink it, bathe in it! Do what you can to savour this beautifully balanced quad that has lingering notes of dried raisins, caramel, and vanilla. The pour is rich and deep in colour while the head hints a toasted coffee hue. Hold me back, this is one good-looking beer.

In 1991, La Trappe was the first brewery worldwide to make a Quadrupel making this a special beer in the Trappist breweries portfolio. But this beer does not need to ride on coat tails of titles, nay, nay! Next to the La Trappe Blond, the La Trappe Quadrupel is a crowd favourite across the globe making itself known through pure enjoyment and word of mouth.

As the only beer in the La Trappe portfolio to have made it to magnum status, the brewery has poured a little extra attention into the presentation of this bottle. Beautifully embossed with the breweries coat of arms dating back to 1884, the dark, bottom heavy brown glass bottle means it can be cellared for years. The cork and cage closure make this bottle one for celebrations of every variety.

You do not need reason to open a La Trappe Quadrupel magnum as it is an occasion in itself.

Share it, savour it, and enjoy it with the people you love.

Pair with the ornate La Trappe tasting glasses for the full experience.

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