Give the Gift of Trappist Beer

Gifting can be hard, stressful even!

Depending on who you’re trying to buy for. We all know that one person who wants nothing but expects something (*cough* Dad).

I’ve four syllables to say to you, my dear, miserable gift-buying friend.


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Yes. It’s true.

People love receiving beer for their birthday, for Christmas, an engagement or even for the christening of their sweet newborn baby (that last one is questionable).

Why do we love it so much?

It’s DISCOVERY! It’s trying something new that perhaps you wouldn’t have purchased yourself.

Or perhaps it evokes sweet memories of travel, dancing in the cobbled streets of Amsterdam with a deep glass of Trappist beer. Oh, the days of travel!

Good news.

Breweries are cottoning on to this easy gift idea, La Trappe being one of them.

La Trappe, a Trappist brewery located in the Netherlands have created a neat and impressive looking Gift Pack that houses four different Trappist ales including an ornate tasting glass that is sure to blow the socks off any receiver – excluding that christened baby who’s likely lost both socks anyway.

As a genuine Trappist brewery, La Trappe donate a portion of their earnings to social and environmental projects, one of which is supporting schools in Uganda and offering clean drinking water to hundreds of people in the community.

We won’t call out the smug smirk on your face when you purchase one of these gift packs knowing that not only will you be crowned the gift giving hero of this occasion, but you’re also contributing to enriching the livelihoods of people in need.

Wow. Who would have thought?

A misery free gift option waiting for you to grab and go.

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