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Sghr × COEDO “The Beer Series”

Mouth-blown in Japan by Sghr x COEDO

I’m craving value.

Damn it, I demand value!

The shelves are packed with bright colours, fancy names and 17 versions of the same thing. How do I know where my money is best spent?

The latest collaboration between Japanese Craft Brewery COEDO and luxury glassware maker Sghr is a crisp slap to your consumer fatigued mind.

What is value and why the hell am I so fatigued?

Value is getting more than you expect which could come in various forms depending on what is important to you.

  1. Value as Experience:

We LOVE experience as a value exchange as it converts to the way the product makes you feel. Let’s use the “Hour” glass as an example.

Each glass is hand blow in Japan
  • The “Hour glass has been created specifically but not exclusively to showcase COEDO Ruri. Shaped like a conical flask you’re suddenly transported to a science lab. The unusual shape adds a whole new dimension to pouring my Ruri.
  • I’m intrigued, how will it pour? How the hell am I drinking out of a glass this shape? All of a sudden, I’m thinking about the beer in a fresh way that is exciting, as if I’ve never tasted it before.
  • The feeling is one of discovery and investigation
  • The result? The narrow mouth of the conical shaped “Hour” glass works to retain the head of the pilsner as the liquid effortlessly glides underneath the white pillow and directly to your pallet. Head remains, freshness remains. Win, win, science is cool.

2. Maximising the Products Potential

Value can also be experienced through knowing how to get the most out of your purchase. Buying a Porsche Carrera and never leaving the 40 zone is not maximizing the products potential. Let’s use the “Su” glass as an example.

  •  This means you have to cup the glass in your palm.
  • “BLASPHAMY!, my beer will be warm.” – Exactly.
  • Beniaka is a sweet potato amber ale and is best enjoyed just below room temperature.
  •  As the temperature of the beer rises with the warmth of your hand, the flavour of the sweet potato comes forward along with the earthy bitterness that you will miss at a cooler temperature.
  • The “Su” glass just gifted you a whole new dimension to your beer.

3. Connection

Does this product offer an opportunity to connect? To share something with another? this might be the greatest value of them all.

Without connection, we’re lost as humans.

Here’s how the “Likka” and the “Nido” add value through connection.

  • Each piece of “The Beer Series” is mouth blown in Japan.
  • “Likka” is a glass that showcases what Sghr glass blowers describe as the aliveness of glass during hand-blowing.
  • Before pouring your liquid, take a moment to admire the craftsmanship of this glass. The twisting of the belly and the angle of the mouth each with effortless precision.
  • The angled mouth catches me. It’s a wonderful expression of the Japanese term ‘Wabi Sabi’ or the beauty in imperfection.
  • We all have imperfections. It’s those of us who look upon our differences as currency to cultivate compassion and humor that live joyously in connection with ourselves and others.
  • The “Nido” glass is such a beautiful shape that to me, celebrates the sensuality of the body.
  • The visual, the aroma and the touch of the glass pins you to the moment, you’re totally there.
  • This is not an ordinary glass and perhaps it needs to be experienced to be truly understood.

Experience the glass and the matching beer here.

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