COEDO Beniaka Imperial Amber Ale





Product description

Beniaka is an unfiltered, smooth sweet potato amber ale with 7% ABV.

Fragrant caramel tones develop through an extended brewing process and are well balanced by a stark, earthy bitterness underneath. Known as a specialty product in Kawagoe, Kintoki sweet potatoes are a strong tie to Coedo’s agricultural roots and allow the company to maintain their traditional Japanese values.

Beniaka has won multiple European Beer Star awards, the bronze medal at the Australian International Beer Awards and a silver World Beer Cup award.

Humble Beginnings:

Coedo’s agricultural roots started with organic farming Kintoki sweet potatoes. Japan is famed for incredibly high standards and the uniform appearance of its agricultural products. The cost of this precision is that up to 40 percent of fruit and vegetables is often discarded due to its inferior appearance. To minimise this kind of waste, the company began to repurpose ingredients rejected by retailers in line with their eco-friendly philosophy. Sweet potato beer was successfully produced for the first time in 1996 and was an archetype of their current product, Beniaka.

Pair with:

Coedo beers are subtle yet complex making them perfect for accompanying any meal.  The full bodied, caramel hints of the amber ale will pair nicely with a sweet sauce like teriyaki, but the sweetness can also enhance the flavour of salty dishes such as yakitori or wagyu beef.

Tip: Take your Beniaka out of the fridge 20 minutes before drinking to fully appreciate the sweet potato flavour and aroma.


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Imperial Amber Ale
Flavour Profile
Hoppy bitterness, caramel and sweet potato.
Kawagoe, Saitama, Japan

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