A guide to festive drinking without the midday slurrrrr

Do you turn into a booze hound the first full moon of the festive season?

Agh, it’s so easy to slide into the warm folds of merriment, socialising with people who are socially awkward after months and months of lockdown with the help of a bombastic IPA, everything is possible and a joy.

Not this year! After too many lockdowns and too many numbers on the scales I’m ready to shift down a gear.

Here’s how we’re keeping it nice this festive season

Sit on something worth savouring

There are so many exciting beers that are worth spending a little more time to savour this summer.

  • To quell the afternoon heat wave, we suggest a refreshing, Rodenbach Fruitage. Rodenbach Head Brewer, Rudi recommends adding ice, a bit of mint and a wedge of lime to turn this Flanders Red Brown Ale into cocktail without the high abv.

  • Or perhaps you’d like to try something off the top shelf? There is so much to explore with a Boon VAT Discovery Box including four vintages of lambic Oude Geuze and a nice little tasting manual including space for you to ponder and document your own tasting notes. This is one you’re going to want to savour!
BOON VAT Discovery Box

Share a 750ml

  • If you’re amongst good folk, it might be worth pulling out a big Trappist ale such as La Trappe Quadrupel or La Trappe Tripple. La Trappe are a genuine Trappist brewery meaning their beers are brewed for good. The brewery contributes to social and environment projects

  • If you’re reading this in time, Rodenbach have just released their 200 year anniversary beer and it’s a big Sour Triple. Whoa! We only got a few of these in the country so its a first see, first get situation here.

  • Made for sharing, the 750ml bottles are great for bringing people together.
La Trappe Quadrupel 750ml

Give 0.0% IPA a go

  • Did I just see you move your mouse to the ‘close this tab’ button?

No and low alcohol options are getting better and better in taste, mouth feel and aroma.

  • We are excited to introduce Bavaria 0.0% IPA to the Australian market this summer.
    • Brewed in the Netherlands by Bavaria who celebrated 300 years of family brewing last year. When you’ve survived two World Wars and gone on to thrive in a market flooded with oat-milk-stout-double-dry-hopped-cream-nitro with extra pineapple on the side, you can be confident they know how to brew a damn straight beer.
300 years, 11 generations of family brewing at Bavaria

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