Rodenbach Fruitage





Product description

Bright and fruity, tart and refreshing! 

Fruitage is a blend of 25% authentically aged Rodenbach (2-Year matured beer from standing oak foeders), with 75% ‘young’ Rodenbach Ale with the unique blend of 100% natural cherries and elderberries.

Rodenbach’s Head Brewer, Rudi Ghequire spent several years developing Fruitage, aiming to deliver something unique for those seeking a lighter and more sessionable beer, whilst staying true to Rodenbach’s roots.

The renowned ‘Father of Sour Beers’ Rudi describes Fruitage as ‘fresh, fruity and very refreshing.’

Enjoy Fruitage on its own, over ice in a glass or as a cocktail!

To make Rudi’s Squeeze (as taught by the man himself) 

  1. Pour a can of fruitage in a glass over ice
  2. lightly clap 1-2 fresh mint leaves to release their flavour and drop them in to the glass
  3. Add a wedge of ‘the green lemon’ as Rudi would call it (lime)

Proost! Cheers! to the easiest, most refreshing beer cocktail that you won’t believe is beer.

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Flanders Red Ale
Flavour Profile
Sweet-sourness, fresh cranberries, elderberries
Roeselare, Belgium

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