BrewDog x La Trappe- Collab for a better world.

The collaboration between La Trappe and BrewDog is more than an excuse to colide two very different Wolds together. This unique collaboration ale is the result of a shared ambition to show that great beer can be great for the planet. A proportion of sales from Practice What You Preach will go to supporting the Made Blue Foundation that is on a mission to provide clean drinking water for everyone.

For every glass of Practice What You Preach, we guarantee 1,000 glasses of clean drinking water in developing countries.

Brother Isaac – De Koningshoeven Brewery

Broeder Isaac, from De Koningshoeven Brewery (La Trappe) shares with Made Blue;

“This special collaboration not only ensures a delicious beer, but also a major social contribution. Even though brands are sometimes far apart, we show that joining forces can lead to beautiful ideas with a result that you can fully support. “

Trappist Quadrupel with Scottish heather honey

Practice What You Preach is a Belgian style Quadrupel Trappist ale made with Scottish heather honey and American hops, resulting in a deep ruby-colored strong ale emphasizing rich dried fruit and honey with citrusy bitterness to balance it all out.

Pours deep brown with a lovely tea coloured head.

Wonderful nose full of toffee, honey, Belgian yeast, bread, plums, and a hint of clove.

Available in small quantities online and in supporting retail outlets until sold out.

Just making sure you are not a baby...