COEDO Pale Ale – the Delicate Balance of Sustainable Brewing and Flavour

In Japan, an emerging trend grounded in ‘chisan-chiso’ is shaping the way that restaurants, food outlets and breweries operate. Many businesses are shifting their focus to promoting fresh, seasonal, homegrown products. Loosely translated, it means ‘local production for local consumption’ and it has popularised flavourful, nutritious ingredients that are authentically Japanese. Award-winning brewery, COEDO has implemented many of these ideals with their powerful philosophy: to create, purify, ferment, evaluate and deliver genuine Japanese beer.

More than twenty years ago, CEO of COEDO Brewery, Shigeharu Asagari established the new site of production above a forest in Kawagoe, a city known for its agricultural roots. Asagiri-san’s innovation and focus on minimising COEDO’s environmental impact has transformed the craft beer industry in Japan. The brewery uses natural spring water and redistributes their brewer’s grain for cattle farms to use as feed. Asagiri-san has successfully created an eco-friendly and dynamic brewery with high standards of production and unique, authentic products.

COEDO has recently embarked on the third release of their Japanese Pale Ale. Originally brewed in collaboration with Ballast Brewing and Spirits in 2014, this IPA has a delicate citrus aroma and fragrant hops. It is brewed with organic rice and Yuzu, a juicy citrus fruit thought to be a hybrid of mandarin oranges and papeda. The rice yields a light, crisp and clean tasting beer, ideal for a summery afternoon. The Japanese Pale Ale also pairs beautifully with strong, salty, or spicy dishes.

The rice yields a light, crisp and clean tasting beer, ideal for a summery afternoon.

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