The Ultimate Guide to Drinking Beer

Are you new to beer drinking? Or perhaps you’re simply looking to up your beer drinking game? Either way, if you’re looking to master the art of drinking beer, you’ve come to the right place!

To make sure you’re informed on all things beer at your next social event or visit to the pub, we’ve put together this comprehensive guide. It will help you understand how to choose a beer and, most importantly, how to drink one. 

Things to Consider When Choosing a Beer

Before you even get to the drinking part, you have to choose your beer. It’s an important decision if you actually want to enjoy your beverage. After all, we each have different tastebuds and preferences that will impact the types of beer we enjoy. 


Firstly, consider the type of beer that you want to drink. Chances are you’ve tried a few in your time and have an idea of which beers you enjoy. If you’re a beer newbie, it’s time to get tasting!

Even if you’re an established beer drinker who knows their lambics from their goses, it’s worth considering other factors when making your choice. What’s the weather like? Will you be eating with your beer? Who will you be drinking your beer with? All of these factors will help you select the best type of beer for your circumstance, allowing you to experience optimum enjoyment when consuming your beer.


Once you’ve chosen a beer, turn your attention to the beer glass. Any dedicated beer drinker will tell you that this is an integral part of beer consumption, as it can alter your beer drinking experience. 

If you’re at a bar or pub, you should automatically be served your beer in a vessel appropriate for the type of brew. However, if you are enjoying a beer at home, it’s worth considering how you serve your beer. For instance, a goblet is going to be your best choice for something heavy like our De Molen Different & Unusual stout, while lighter beers (such as our Bira 91 Blonde) will be enjoyed from a Pilsener glass. If in doubt, opt for the classic pint glass, which is perfect for all types of lagers and ales!

How to Drink a Beer

If you’ve chosen the correct beer and glass for the occasion, you’ve set yourself up for a successful beer drinking experience. The only thing left is to drink your beer!

So, what’s the best way to maximise enjoyment?

  • Admire the aesthetic

Is there anything better than a well-poured beer? Please take a moment to appreciate the colour of your chosen beer, the proportion of the head, and its overall look.

  • Give it a swirl

Like wine & spirits, giving your beer a swirl will help release the flavour of your drink. If you want to maximise the aroma, swirl it before you drink!

  • Appreciate the aromas

There’s a strong link between our sense of taste and our sense of smell, so have a sniff of your beer to ensure you get the most out of your tasting experience.

  • Taste it

Finally, take a sip! Savour the taste of your hard-earned beverage as it makes its way around your mouth and down your throat—pure satisfaction.

Thought beer drinking was as simple as tipping back your head and taking a gulp? It can be, but there are also many ways to improve your beer drinking experience. Hopefully, our guide will make you think twice next time you order a glass of your favourite beverage. 

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