The Complete Guide to Beer Glasses (and When to Use Them)

There’s no denying the role beer plays in various cultures around the world. Whether it’s a pint of Pale Ale in Australia or a lambic from the bottle in Belgium, beer drinkers are likely to agree on the fact that presentation matters. There’s just something about a good beer glass that makes it taste better, right?

The optimum glass for your beer depends on your beer of choice as well as the situation. Our guide will help you understand the difference between beer glasses, including what beers to serve and when to use them.

1. Pint glass

Ah, the classic pint glass. Most people are familiar with this type of beer glass, instantly recognisable by its cylindrical shape that is widest at the mouth. If you want to get technical, there are two types of pint glass, the English and the American, distinguishable only by a subtle lip present at the top of the English version. 

Type of beer to drink from it

This versatile beer glass is the perfect drinking vessel for a whole range of beers. Lagers, ales, stouts, IPAs, and porters will all go down nicely from this glass.

When to use it

The better question is when not to use it? The pint glass is famous for a reason: it’s simple, familiar, and easy to clean. No wonder it’s a favourite in bars and for home entertaining.

We suggest using our Bavaria Pint glasses to enjoy your favourite lagers, ales & more.

2. Pilsner

A thinner, more stylish version of the Pint glass, the Pilsner also features a narrow base that widens towards the top. The glass is designed to showcase the bubbles of beers like Pilsner and maintain a beer head for optimum drinking pleasure.

Type of beer to drink from it

Pilsener is the obvious choice; however, this glass is ideal for drinking blonde ales, German Bocks, and Japanese rice lager. We recommend our COEDO Ruri, but if you want to stick closer to home, the Cavalier Pilsner is perfect 

When to use it

The Pilsener is best used when lighter beers are being served and certainly adds some class and sophistication to an event.

3. Goblet

One for the beer connoisseurs, the Goblet is designed to truly appreciate a brew’s flavor profile. It is characterised by a large, open bowl that sits on a stem, allowing the drinker to analyse and enjoy the aroma.

Type of beer to drink from it

The Goblet will enhance drinking pleasure when used to serve heavy beers that have distinct malt flavours. Think German Bocks, Belgian Ales, and the like.

When to use it

Goblet glasses can be used in various scenarios, although they will be most appreciated amongst a dedicated beer-drinking crew. They are commonplace at breweries or other establishments offering beer tastings.

Our La Trappe Goblet is a great way to truly enhance your beer drinking experience 

There are other glasses too, such as balloon glasses with a deep bowl to capture the beer head, or stemmed tasting glasses that have a narrow mouth and a larger bottom to concentrate the beer aromas.  You can explore our range of branded glassware that you can use to enjoy your favourite beers with.

Next time you order or pour a beer, consider the glass you use. It just might enhance your drinking experience!

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