Rodenbach – 200yr Red Tripel 750ml




Product description

Introducing Red Tripel, Rodenbach’s celebratory 200th-anniversary beer, a masterpiece that marries the tradition of blending young and wood-aged beers. This unique offering combines a vibrant Tripel with the depth of a 2-year-old beer matured in oak foeders, showcasing Rodenbach’s signature slightly sour freshness.

A Blend of Two Worlds: Red Tripel is a refreshingly complex beer that remains easy to drink. It masterfully balances maltiness, fruitiness, and a wood-aged essence, creating a unique flavour profile like nothing else.

A Limited Edition Gem: With its rich heritage and innovative brewing, Red Tripel is available in limited quantities. This exclusive beer is a tribute to 200 years of brewing excellence, making it a must-try for enthusiasts eager to explore the depths of Rodenbach’s craft.

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750ml Bottle
Flavour Profile
malty, fruity and wood-aged
Roeselare, Belgium

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