Rodenbach Alexander





Product description

Rodenbach Alexander is crafted by blending one-third ‘young’ beer with two-thirds beer that has been aged for two years in oak foeders, then infused with the natural juices of Noorderkrieken cherries.

What to Expect: The beer pours a deep ruby red, with a fine, brownish-pink head sitting atop that disappears quickly. The aroma is heavy with tart cherries which is reflected in the taste. The malt has mild sweetness with hints of caramel which helps to balance the fruitiness and sourness. There is a low level of bitterness that creates balance to the sour and sweet components.

The Perfect Foodies Beer: The unique blend of sweetness, sourness, and acidity perfectly complements the richness of slow-cooked meats and the indulgence of creamy or decadent desserts, cutting through their fattiness and cleansing your pallet ready for another bite!

Rodenbach is the most awarded brewery in the word. Why not give Alexander a try and see why!

Enjoy your Alexander with the matching Rodenbach Exclusive glass 


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Flanders Red Ale
Flavour Profile
Sour cherries, similar to burgundy wine
Roeselare, Belgium

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