Rodenbach Grand Cru





Product description

“The Most Refreshing Beer in the World” – Michael Jackson

Unveiling the Grand Cru

Despite its rich, deep color, Grand Cru emerges as an extraordinarily refreshing beer. It strikes a harmonious balance between acidity and complex flavors, with two-thirds of the brew aging in oak foeders for two years. This aging process gives Grand Cru its multifaceted character, with intense fruity notes, pronounced wood and ester flavors, a vinous quality, and a lingering aftertaste reminiscent of a Grand Cru wine.

Taste Profile

The initial taste of Grand Cru is marked by its vibrant acidity, quickly followed by a mild sweetness from the ‘young’ beer component, which introduces the fruity dimensions. During its aging, unique compounds develop, culminating in a distinctive balsamic vinegar note that defines the beer’s flavor profile. The beer offers a medium-full mouthfeel with moderate carbonation, accentuating its crisp, tart refreshment.

Perfect Pairings

Grand Cru is a food lover’s dream, especially when it comes to pairing with hearty, indulgent meals. Its unique blend of acidity and fruitiness works wonders with dishes like American-style sticky ribs and cheesy burgers, slicing through the richness so you can savor every bite. And for those who have a sweet spot for desserts, serving Grand Cru alongside creamy vanilla ice cream or a warm caramel pudding creates a heavenly match that perfectly highlights the beer’s complex and moreish flavor profile.

Rodenbach holds the title as the most awarded brewery in the world. Why not experience the acclaim for yourself?

If you like Grand Cru, you’ll enjoy Rodenbach Alexander which has a base of Rodenbach Grand Cru with added Sour Cherries.

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