Rodenbach Classic





Product description

Often imitated, never duplicated.

Rodenbach is the Original, Grand-Daddy of Sour beer.

After 200 years of brewing, there’s no doubt the Rodenbach Classic showcases the best of Flemish Red-Brown Ales.
This ale owes its sweet and sour fruitiness and refreshing taste to the fact that it is partially matured in oak casks.
A refreshing beer that is easily digestible and stimulates the appetite. Great with pre-dinner nibbles or to compliment rich or fatty foots like burgers or slow cooked meats. The mildly sour taste and complex fruitiness are reminiscent of wine.

Michael Jackson, the late British beer connoisseur, declared Rodenbach Classic to be ‘the most refreshing beer in the world’.

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Flanders Red Ale
Flavour Profile
Tart, dry and very refreshing, with a fruity acidity
Roeselare, Belgium

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