Rodenbach Vintage 2017





Product description

Rodenbach Vintage is made from the finest Rodenbach ale that is hand-selected by brew master Rudi Ghequire from the year’s best foeder, making each vintage unique and offered only in limited quantities.

Rodenbach’s cellars in Roeselare, Belgium, contain 294 oaken foeders that date back to the 1830s. Their beer goes through a biochemical transformation inside these barrels, emerging dry, fruity and acidic over two years. This style of long-term aging extracts tannins from the wood which increases the perceived bitterness of the brew. Yeast and bacteria live in the pores of the oak barrels and these are carried between batches which gives a brewery its unique flavour profile.

Masterbrewer, Rudi Ghequire hand selects the top performing foeder for the Vintage of that year.

Foeder no. 198 was selected for the Vintage of 2017

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Flanders Red Ale
Flavour Profile
Apple, caramel, wild honey, oak, vanilla, cherry and liquorice.
Roeselare, Belgium

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