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Bira 91 – Imagined in India, Enjoyed Globally

A bright and colourful label provides the perfect backdrop for the cheeky monkey that represents India’s award-winning brewery, Bira 91. With contemporary packaging and a distinctive, quirky style, the label is designed to reflect Bira’s bold identity. Established in 2015 by B9 Beverages, Bira 91’s headquarters is in New Delhi. Over the past five years, the brand has developed a strong portfolio with four breweries in India and offices across the world. The name ‘Bira’ is similar to a colloquial Punjabi term for ‘older brother’ while 91 refers to India’s country code. CEO and founder of Bira 91, Ankur Jain created the label to resonate with the young, urban population of India. Due to its delicious, high quality beers and powerful marketing campaign, the refreshingly modern brand is now in the top 25 craft beers worldwide by sales volume.

Entrepreneur Ankur Jain moved to the US from his homeland in 1998 and completed a bachelor’s degree in computer science. Passionate about the craft industry, Ankur fell in love with traditional Belgian beer during his travels and based his initial formulas on his favourite wheat brews. His entrepreneurial journey led him to establish a beer distribution company in 2008. Importing up to thirty different types of beer, Ankur began to research what consumers were interested in. He found a gap in the market where millennials were concerned: the young generations seemed to prefer lighter flavours. As a result, Bira’s wheat beer has less bitterness than traditional Belgian blends. Its distinct taste and high-quality ingredients underpin Bira’s success and propelled Ankur to feature in Fortune’s ‘Top 40 Under 40’ in consecutive years and in GQ India’s 50 Most Influential Young Indian Innovators. In 2018, Bira announced its global sponsorship for the Cricket World Cup.


Heron Beverages stocks Bira’s White Ale, a refreshingly different wheat beer that is low on bitterness and full of flavour. Brewed with the finest natural ingredients, this cloudy wheat beer has hints of spice, coriander and citrus with a gentle finish. Flavourful and fresh with a soft finish, Bira White is the perfect all-day craft beer to enjoy this summer.

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