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BOON Black Label No. 4 – Wild, Authentic Lambic

Brouwerij Boon, the home of traditional Belgian lambic have released their Black Label No.4. Bottled in November 2017, the lambic blend has had two years to age gently in large oak foeders before its release. Pushing the boundaries of lambic beer, this blend is the first geuze that contains 1 percent lambic from the old brewhouse and 99 percent lambic that was created in the new brewhouse.

Traditional lambic beers undergo spontaneous fermentation in large open vessels that are exposed to the atmosphere. Boon Brewery engages authentic brewing methods and new technology to craft their authentic Oude Geuze. The original cooling facility, known as a koelschip is still in use. It is a sizeable open vat situated next to a large open window that facilitates fermentation when natural micro-organisms are carried through the air. The unpredictable, wild strains of yeast and the local environment – the walls, the air and the casks contribute to the character and unique profile of each beer. Determined to restore Lambic culture, brewmaster Frank Boon carefully selects the best aged lambic to craft the Black Label No 4.

Oude Geuze Black Label is the driest gueze on offer with a full-bodied, golden hue and balanced acidity of green apples and citrus. Highly carbonated, full bodied and complex, Brouwerij Boon’s Black Label is the perfect product of spontaneous fermentation and delicate craftmanship.

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