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Heron Beverages is excited to announce the launch of our brand new, redesigned website. Our goal was to create a space that is a true reflection of Heron’s values: meaningful relationships, sourcing craftmanship and quality products. As the global beer market becomes saturated, it can be difficult for retailers to decide which new products will suit their establishment and their customers. This is where the Heron Beverages site can help: our aim is to inform, guide and connect with our customers to streamline the process and make these critical decisions enjoyable.

The new Heron site has been created with emphasis on visual appeal and responsive design. It is easy to navigate between breweries, new products, the latest beer industry news as well as information about our unique Master Class experience. Operating as beer distributors – the crucial connection between breweries and retail outlets, it’s important for us to make information accessible for our current and prospective clients. Heron Beverages takes you on a journey, maintaining quality from the brewery to the consumer. 

Our rebranding began with the design of a new logo in 2019.  Engaging the skill and expertise of local artist, Nicole Vanderzee, the logo is a visual representation of Heron’s mission: to develop and build a portfolio of high quality, well differentiated, genuine and sustainable brands. Heron Beverages was named for the long-legged, coastal and freshwater bird that embodies precision and grace. An adaptable and resourceful bird, they have a cosmopolitan distribution, which means they can thrive in most habitats. The logo depicts a confident heron, its neck held proudly, gazing ahead with one foot carefully submerged in the water, the other poised on the land, ready to take the next step. Like our namesake, we are primed to recognise new opportunities and excel as the link between our independent brewers and wide range of retailers.  

This analogy extends to the unique opportunity we have with our logistics company, Curlett Canon and Galbell. Co-owned and operated by the Bell and Gal families, CCG offers a brewery to pub service through reliable and competitive freight forwarding. 

Heron Beverages values sincere and consequential relationships with our customers. In our logo, the puddle can also be interpreted as a thumbprint which serves as a visual reminder: we recognise that every individual, establishment and product is unique.  

Our new website fuses creativity with practicality and provides current clients and prospective customers with the latest news, a regularly updated blog, detailed product and brewery information and access to our bespoke Master Class experience. Please take some time to explore the new site and contact us to become a part of the Heron Beverages family. 

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