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El Caballero Cerveza – An Honourable Compadre

Cavalier Brewing El Caballero Cerveza

Written illustration by Alicia Wilson

The yawning, dusty red dunes stretch before him and the rich hues of the evening sky blend into the rugged landscape. He reaches for the worn, leather straps of his companion’s saddle and tightens the last knot. Acrid sweat trickles down the weathered surface of his skin. Night will soon fall and the temperature will drop; temporary relief before the chill of the plateau reaches his bones. He has a long journey ahead and the cloudless sky signals endless possibility. His face aglow, the Caballero mounts his horse quietly and murmurs gently into her ear. His destination is calling. Adventure awaits.

El Caballero has not ventured this far before. But he trusts the call of the wind. His muscles ache and the vast plains blur before him as he dreams of his home. He will return in time. But first, he must carve a new pathway of valour, strength and integrity.

El Caballero Cerveza

Cavalier Brewery’s El Caballero Cerveza is an easy, Mexican -style lager that evokes nostalgia for simpler times. The subtle, malt flavour and low bitterness, combined with a 4.2% ABV make El Caballero Cerveza the ultimate in refreshing sessionability. As the sun sets, relax and enjoy your evening with this honourable compadre.

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